Oh We Are So Fucked Now

Monkey shines

Orangutan attempts to hunt fish with spear | the Daily Mail


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  1. Billy Kess says:

    That is interesting. Pretty soon they’ll be marching for equal rights. lol

  2. Thom Chrastka says:

    When the headline reads: “Apes apply heat to food” then I’ll start to worry.

  3. German says:

    Oh yeah? I’ll worry when they figure out how to get foodstamps and move in next to the Bosnians next door! I’ll worry when they’re as horny as Bonobos, have the body mass index of Gorillas and the utter weirdness of Siamangs! Until then there will be no Pongo Sapiens in MY neighborhood. Put in a call to Mr. Heston. Damn dirty Ape can haz all the fish ti THEN!

    Ra-Ul, proud to be sapient.

  4. German says:

    PS Dr. Hoffman is dead. Lived to be above 100 yrs. old. Must have been teh acid. Or the Swiss mountain air.

    Ra-Ul, acid free.

  5. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    Meh. Orangs are pretty benign, compared to, say, chimps (regular chimps, not bonobos). And baboons, holy crap we’d be in a word of hurt if they figured out the spear (because, soon after that, they’d be breaking into armories all over Africa and stealing AK-47s)!


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