Videoblog 03-04-08

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  1. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    Dude! That was cool! Do it more often!

    P.S. Are you covering Mix08?

  2. Frank Beaton says:

    Sam = Sam Boyd

    (Not actually his town anymore.)

    (Because he’s dead.)

  3. Joe T. says:

    Nice work.

  4. Laura says:

    I highly recommend the following blog, apparently you two are reporting in the same neighborhood. Take a look

  5. German says:

    Ellis, you could be the Vegas Harry Lyme (the Graham Greene one, not the Home Alone one) of Las Vegas. Yoe even know the sewers around here . . . If you make a video of, oh, a couple of the Berlin themed songs, Use some Carol Reed visuals. It would be killer.


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