Monthly Archives: August 2007

Hey, Kids? Fuck You!

Reading Mike Breen’s melancholy story about seeing Perry Farrell’s new band, Satellite Party, I was struck by this bit: There’s now a perception that the early ’90s “AltRock Revolution” was all dark and gloomy and doomy. But I remember a … Continue reading

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William Gibson Is Freaking Me Out

Seriously. I just finished Spook Country and it’s brilliant, of course…but it’s also really creeping me out, because little bits of it are weirdly mirroring my life over the last year or so. Random example: whilst in Berlin in December … Continue reading

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The Black Parade (Twitter stylee)

Okay. So this guy Nick Starr posts a series of suicidal posts to Twitter, culminating in this one: alright this is it. Parked my car. I wish everyone who ever was nice to me well. See you in the next … Continue reading

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